Create Predictable Pipeline By Moving Prospects Through an "Assembly Line"

April 2, 2009

You can’t predictably create revenue without predictable pipeline, and that requires ways to measure and track how pipeline gets created. Here’s how you can do that with your sales development reps / new business people. An effective, easy-to-use sales automation or CRM system makes it convenient now to use a simple idea, the assembly line, […]

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Bessemer’s Top 10 Laws for Being "SaaS-y"

March 14, 2009

Bessemer Ventures collected a great set of learnings around what it takes to build a successful SaaS (“Software-as-a-Service”) company: Bessemer’s Top 10 Laws for Being “SaaS-y”. It’s excellent! Your key monthly business metrics are: CMRR (Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue), Churn, and Cash flow – “Bookings” is for suckers Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Customer LifeTime […]

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[CEOFlow] CEO meeting in westside Los Angeles (Santa Monica), March 13th

March 2, 2009

Eric Golden (CEO of Equipois) & I (Aaron Ross bio) are organizing a formal, facilitated CEO group here on the westside that will meet monthly. The group will help CEOs support each other in navigating through and prospering from the economic turmoil, focusing on topics such as creating predictable revenue, and working with investors and […]

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[CEOFlow] New sketch: "Revenue, Space & Enjoyment"

February 16, 2009

As I wrote about in My original notes on frustrations with the way work, uh, works, PebbleStorm: CEOFlow is like “advanced PebbleStorm”. I’ve been playing with my CEOFlow circles for awhile, and finally this morning they really clicked: My sales advisory/consulting service: Subscribe to CEOFlow by Email

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Phone Works 2008 Inside Sales Compensation Report

February 1, 2009

Ah, fun with compensation 🙂 PhoneWorks just published another sales comp report worth checking out. Here’s their introduction and a link to the full online report: A question on everyone’s mind these days is, “How is the slow economy affecting sales compensation and quotas?”. We set out to answer this question. As we do every […]

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Marketo interview: "Sales Lead Management: Thought Leadership with Aaron Ross"

January 9, 2009

I’ve always really liked the team over at Marketo, which offers lead management software for email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, sales lead insight, and closed-loop reporting. Jon Miller has a popular and excellent blog, “Modern B2B Marketing”. They just published an interview with me… The next interview in the B2B Marketing thought leader interview […]

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[CEOFlow] Use "Layers of the Onion" to sell for you

December 23, 2008

Spend any time with me talking about lead generation or sales, and the term “layers of the onion” or “onion layers” will come up – a lot. I’ve found that this concept is a great analogy to help teams think through laying out their products and offers. The goal is to make it easier for […]

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ConnectAndSell: 100x ROI in generating pipeline!?

October 10, 2008

Very rarely am I blown away by a new sales or marketing product – and ConnectAndSell blew me away, both with the product itself and the fact that customers have been able to generate $100 in pipeline per $1 invested in ConnectAndSell. I was excited enough to personally invest in the company and join their […]

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How to Generate a Steady Flow of Inbound Sales Leads

September 27, 2008

Aaron recently wrote a great post comparing the differences between inbound leads and outbound leads and how they should be treated differently during the sales process. In summary, he states that inbound leads: close at a higher percentage close quicker close without as much sales effort I linked to the post from an article I […]

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CNN Money & Fortune articles…"Why to be wary of commission-only sales staff"

September 23, 2008

CNN Money/Fortune interviewed me a few months ago, and some quotes turned up in a couple of their articles worth sharing: 1) Fortune Small Business article: “Why to be wary of commission-only sales staff” “Hiring a salesperson on commission sounds like a cost-saver, but investing in your staff usually pays off in the long run. […]

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