[CEOFlow] A Visual Intention For CEOFlow And More Sketches

by aaronross383 on July 5, 2009

While my Sales Machine blog deals mostly with the technical and process parts of selling, my big picture/CEO-level thoughts are part of CEOFlow. This post is a reprint of the original: A Visual Intention For CEOFlow And More Sketches

A Visual Intention For CEOFlow

Do I even need to write anything to describe my intention here, in how CEOs and their people should feel about how the culture and company work? (Seriously – comment below if I do need to explain further!)

CEOFlow Triangle to Circle sketch

Where Outrageous Growth Comes From

It’s not from having a great product. Or perfect sales and marketing. Those, for sustained success, are necessary…but what really creates lasting, outrageous growth is customer trust, success and love: that is, customers who love your service and can’t wait to tell others about it! This is the basis for the massive success of companies like Google, Zappos, Facebook and Salesforce.com.


CEO Sweet Spot

This should be self-evident :)


CEO as the Pebble In The Pond

Everything begins with the CEO. Are they centered, or stressed? The thoughts, feelings and actions of the CEO (whether trusting or fearful) will ripple out through their employees and to the market…and will come back around either as increased or reduced growth:


Problem Multiplication

In command-and-control organizations that have trained employees to require approval from all managers, issues and problems multiply because so many people must touch them. The companies train people to not make decisions by requiring upper approval for everything.

In a self-managing organization, in which employees are encouraged to make (and live with) their own decisions, the problems are dealt with at the source before they ripple up the organization.


What the text says:

  • Command & Control: Every problem escated / Decsisions pushed up
  • CEOFlow: Problems solved at source / Decisions pushed down


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Keenan July 24, 2009 at 12:27 am

This post is spot on. To accomplish this sweet spot a CEO must be comfortable with his/herself. This is because "fear" is the biggest culprit of top down, command and control organizations. Humility, confidence in their capabilities are critical for CEO's to CEOFlow. Without it, fear, control and micromanagement will reign, stifling innovation and more.

BTW: Love the graphics.

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