ConnectAndSell: 100x ROI in generating pipeline!?

by aaronross383 on October 10, 2008

Very rarely am I blown away by a new sales or marketing product – and ConnectAndSell blew me away, both with the product itself and the fact that customers have been able to generate $100 in pipeline per $1 invested in ConnectAndSell. I was excited enough to personally invest in the company and join their advisory board.

Their pitch:

“Call a prospect, and what do you get? Voicemail, most of the time. Email a customer to schedule an appointment, and you end up playing tag before agreeing on a time to talk.

The Connector is a tool that makes a sales rep 8x more productive in getting decision makers on the phone – so they talk to as many decision makers in one hour as they would reach in an entire day of manual dialing.”

What? That sounds impossible. How can do they do that?

“The way it works is simple: Your rep sets aside a one-hour time period to call prospects, signs into ConnectAndSell, uploads the call list to use, and tells the system “I’m ready.” A group of ConnectAndSell reps immediately starts making calls. Within two-tenths of a second from the time the first one reaches a live person on the list, the call is transferred to your rep. The contact information for the person being called pops up simultaneously on the rep’s PC, and the dialogue can start immediately.”

“How it works”

ConnectAndSell – How It Works – Get more Business Documents

What about that telling ‘click’? Or is there a delay? Don’t the prospects know that your rep isn’t the one dialing the number?

“The transfer is so quick (and with no click!) that the prospect the rep is calling — well, the prospect who was called for the rep — had no idea that your rep wasn’t the one who initiated the call.“

[Aaron: I can personally vouch for this. As part of a test, they called me with their system. I had no idea I was part of a longer list that was called this way. It was amazingly seamless.]

Can you share some examples of how customers actually use it?

1) Your ridiculously long list of follow-ups: Spend an hour each week on ConnectAndSell working through your followups. At 10 connects per hour, you’ll work through the list in very little time.

2) Inside Sales – Growing Lead Volumes or Trade Show Responses: Instead of hiring additional Market Response Sales Reps to work through growing lead volumes or spikes in leads, invest in ConnectAndSell and make your best reps more productive.

3) Networking: Put all of your Outlook Contacts into the ConnectAndSell system and spend 1-2 hours one morning each week reconnecting with people in your network.

How does ConnectAndSell charge? What about the ROI?

We charge $275 per hour of usage. The ROI is straightforward. A typical rep can only reach a limited number of decision makers on the phone per week. The rep won’t be able to increase that number simply because they don’t have time to get more people on the phone and keep up with the rest of their work. However, ConnectAndSell’s technology changes that equation. One hour on the Connector is the equivalent of an entire day of manual dialing. So the Connector can double the number of decision makers a sales rep speaks to at only 10%-20% of the cost of the rep.

Here are two recent documented examples:

Airwave Wireless –
– In about 35 hours of usage they achieved an average of 10 connects per hour per sales person
– 9% of the connects became opportunities
– An investment of under $10,000 resulted in over $1,000,000 in pipeline. So $1 invested in ConnectAndSell generated $100 in pipeline.

– 22 hours of ConnectAndSell generated 275 connects – more than 10 connects per hour
– 15% of connects resulted in qualified opportunities
– $6,000 investment yielded over $1,000,000 in pipeline. So $1 invested in ConnectAndSell generated $165 in pipeline.

How can people learn more or contact you?

Please visit or contact

Final Note

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, post them in the comments here or email me at aaron (at) pebblestorm (dot) com.

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Neil October 30, 2008 at 1:58 pm

This is a brilliant solution to one of the biggest pain points in cold calling. I can clearly see how one hour can be more productive than an entire days calling if voice mails were eliminated.



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